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We are a service-focused bike shop and pride ourselves on the quality

of mechanical service we provide.

We service all types, brands, and vintages of bicycles.


Stop by anytime for a repair and/or give your bike a seasonal tune-up.


Our most popular services are the:

$69.99 Pit Stop - Have your brakes and gears adjusted.

$129.99 Tune-Up - Brakes, gears, bottom bracket, and headset professionally adjusted and tightened, and both wheels trued.

$299.99 Tune up + DTC - Full Tune up plus removal and cleaning of drivetrain, bottom bracket and rear hub.

$399.99 Overhaul - Complete removal and extensive degreasing of all bike parts, wheel true, inspection of bottom bracket and headset. grease and re- install all parts.

Custom Fitting



Proper bike fit is especially important for people who cycle
on a regular basis or ride longer distances. The right fit makes a significant difference. 

We offer a sizing and fitting process that will optimize your position on your bicycle, so as to minimize the risk of injury from overstressed muscles and joints and maximize your cycling performance.

Depending on your needs,
come in for a fitting that will further enhance your cycling experience. Call ahead to make an appointment.

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